Rid your yard of excess trees and branches with professional mulching

Hugh Wood Tree Lopping is fully equipped with state-of-the-art mulching machinery that can smoothly, safely and effectively turn your green waste and tree stumps into wood chips. You can either keep the chips to use as mulch for your garden or we can take it away for you.

Reinvigorate your garden with a fresh layer of high-quality mulch

Hugh Wood Tree Lopping offers fresh garden mulch of the highest calibre – we know because we produce it ourselves from the excess tree and plant materials left over from mulching jobs. We offer both green mulch and older decomposed mulch options for you to choose from.

Browse through our garden mulch packages:

Option 1: Ute Load
– Equals approximately 1 cubic metre of mulch.
– Consists of older mulch from stock pile.
– Pick up only.
– Ideal for smaller yards.
– Price: $30 + GST

Option 2: Small Truck Load
– Equals approximately 10 cubic metres of mulch.
– Consists of older mulch from stock pile.
– We can deliver direct to your house or business.
– Price: $200 + GST + Delivery*

Option 3: Huge Truck Load
– Equals approximately 14 cubic metres of mulch.
– Consists of green mulch.
– We can deliver direct to your house or business.
– Price: $250 + GST + Delivery*

Note – Delivery costs may apply depending on your location. $20 for Yeppoon and $30 for Emu Park.

What are the benefits of mulch?

Mulch is a valuable garden additive that when applied to soil, helps to keep in water and retain moisture. It is especially useful if you are trying to:

  • Improve the health of the soil
  • Protect young plants from high temperatures
  • Keep the weeds down

Should I use green mulch or older mulch?

Older mulch is more suitable for new gardens with young trees, as it is fully decomposed, while green mulch is better for established gardens with older plants. Green mulch is yet to go through the nitrogen breakdown process, so it is best to avoid using on young plants, as it can burn saplings.

How much mulch do I need for my garden?

1 cubic metre of mulch should generally cover 10 square metres when you apply a minimal layer. As a rule of thumb, layers should be about 100 millimetres thick, as a minimum, for your garden.


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