Take back control of your garden with professional tree pruning and shaping

Are overhanging branches plaguing your pool with leaves? Is a branch blocking your view? Wish your garden looked a little bit more shapely? Are the neighbours eyeing off your overhanging hedges?

Hugh Wood Tree Lopping has you covered. With all the right tree pruning tools, tree climbing ropes, safety equipment and 22 years’ experience in arboriculture, we’re the team for you.

Our pruning services include:

  • Once-off pruning and trimming
  • Regular pruning maintenance
  • Garden shaping
  • Crown reduction, lifting and thinning
  • Perimeter hedge maintenance

Effective techniques that protect the health of your trees and hedges

Did you know that incorrectly pruning a tree can damage its health? Trees have their very own anatomy and must be handled with care, precision and skill. The team at Hugh Wood Tree Lopping is led by a certified arborist who understands the structure and health makeup of trees and has 22 years’ experience to back this up with the best techniques and tricks of the trade.

You can have peace of mind that we will:

  • Maintain the highest safety standards while climbing tall trees
  • Use gentle pruning techniques that protect your tree
  • Only prune as much as your tree can take without damaging its health
  • Clean up all mess when we’re done

Tree maintenance recommendations and advice

Our certified arborist would be happy to share some tips and tricks for caring for your trees. If you have any questions about the best way to maintain your greenery and keep it looking healthy and shapely, we would be glad to help.


For professional pruning that is gentle on your trees and looks just the way you want it, call (07) 4939 8598 now for a free quote.

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