Tree Lopping

Rely on our safe, gentle and strategic tree lopping techniques

Tree lopping can be a suitable maintenance option for trees that are growing too close to a house or fence, pose a safety risk due to storm damage, or are blocking a view.

It usually involves shortening and removing branches, or trimming down tree trunks – while it may sound like a simple process, tree lopping that is rushed or performed without the proper tools and techniques can irreversibly damage the tree or injure those attempting the job.

Don’t just trust anybody – call on our certified arborist for the best results

With a highly experienced tree lopping team led by a certified arborist, Hugh Wood Tree Lopping has the arboriculture skills, knowledge and understanding you need. We don’t just come in with chainsaws blazing – we always perform a thorough inspection of the tree first to determine exactly what it needs.

You can have peace of mind that we will:

  • Use gentle tree lopping techniques that preserve the health of the tree
  • Maintain the highest safety standards throughout the tree lopping process
  • Tailor our process and techniques to suit the tree and its location
  • Clean up all mess when we’re done

Tree maintenance recommendations and advice

Our certified arborist can also provide you with valuable tips and recommendations on how best to look after your trees and keep them from becoming a nuisance. With over 22 years’ experience, you can rely on Hugh Wood Tree Lopping to answer your arboriculture questions and give advice.


Rely on our certified arborist to keep your tree in manageable condition, without damaging its overall health. Call (07) 4939 8598 for a free tree lopping quote!

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