Tree Removal

Safe, compliant, risk-free tree removal services you can rely on

Whether it’s causing a nuisance, posing risk to your property or obstructing your view, a tree that no longer serves your needs can be removed safely and effectively – but this is not something that should ever be carried out without the right skills, tools and techniques.

Attempting amateur tree removal can be dangerous and can potentially cost thousands of dollars in damage costs – without the right safety knowledge, accidents do happen.

Our certified arborist and industry professionals have you covered

Hugh Wood Tree Lopping has over 22 years’ experience removing nuisance trees and we’ve got the safety equipment, machinery, tools and know-how to do it safely, with no damage to your property. Plus, we’re fully insured so you can have 100% confidence in our results.

You can have peace of mind that we will:

  • Never take any risks – we use only the safest practices and methods
  • Protect your property, yard and garden at all times
  • Take care of any council checks or compliance requirements
  • Clean up all mess when we’re done

Tree maintenance recommendations and advice

Got a question about tree care? Our certified arborist would be more than happy to help. With over 22 years’ experience of practical know-how and knowledge, we have an abundance of tips and tricks to share that will help you maintain your greenery.


Call (07) 4939 8598 now for a free tree removal quote. There is no job too big or too small.

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